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Entourage Events Group Expands Portfolio with Historic Music Venues

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December 21, 2018
Minneapolis, Minn. - Entourage Events Group, founded in 2012, has successfully added three more premiere locations and a production company to their already impressive repertoire. The company recently secured a contract to manage all private (non-concert), events at First Avenue, an iconic Minneapolis concert venue. Making it’s debut in the 1970’s, the historic First Avenue also hosts 200+ concerts a year in an effort to “foster arts, music, and entertainment excellence” in the Twin Cities. First Avenue also owns two St. Paul locations; Turf Club and Palace Theatre, which Entourage will also book and manage private events for. The Turf Club is a historic live music venue with a main space for larger concerts and events, and an intimate lounge area with a small performance stage. Palace Theatre is a century-old theatre with a focus on contemporary music (the only one in the Twin Cities), that recently underwent major renovations to enhance the building’s history and provide guests with a one-of-a-kind experience.

With the vast capabilities and popularity of the three venues, Entourage and First Avenue partnered to maximize on the untapped potential of the spaces to host private events. Entourage, as an all-inclusive event management group, has years of experience producing A-list events in various concert and performance venues, such as; Fine Line Music Café (also under First Avenue’s ownership) and The Armory.

The company’s success in the industry has led to continued expansion over the years. Owner, Steve Hark, has ben the driving force behind the growth and commented on his philosophy behind his business ventures; “The landscape of the events industry is shifting. I have seen a change in the type of event spaces that clients are looking for; they are moving from the standard banquet halls into non-traditional spaces throughout the city, and that is why our business model focuses on the unique, historic, and iconic music and performance venues. We are the ones facilitation that shift and showing people how to utilize these spaces in the best way possible and are thrilled to be partnering with these amazing venues. They are experts at holding the best concerts in town, while we are the experts at hosting the best events. It’s a match made in heaven!”

If all of that wasn’t enough, Entourage now also offers a staff of creative event designers through edgPRODUCTIONS and a full-service catering team through Elite Catering. The motivation behind this expansion was to bring a creative angle to the catering services. There will be an artistic flair added to every aspect of service; from the serving dishes, to the table displays, to the plating techniques. IT is important for Entourage to look at every detail of service and ensure that it goes above and beyond their client’s standards of hospitality. To accomplish that, they are marrying the food and design elements into one cohesive entity. Every menu item is thoughtfully imagined by their talented and experienced Executive Chef and met with impressive design pieces to elevate the entire guest experience.

For more information on hosting a private event at one of these unique locations, contact:
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Leah Anderson, Marketing Manager